Zbiroh Chateau

a chateau with an unique spiral well

Zbiroh Chateau is located approximately 65 kilometres (1-hour drive) away from Prague (a quarter of the journey between Prague and Nuremberg).

Today´s chateau was re-built from the original fortified castle from the beginning of 13th century. The chateau was owned and worked on by a number of lords and royals, including Rudolf II of Habsburg. Between 1869 and 1870 the chateau gained its current neo-Renaissance look, when it was purchased by Bethel Henry Strousberg (a wealthy entrepreneur). In 1879, the chateau came into the hands of Colloredo-Mansfelds. During the World War II, it was used by the Nazis SS units, and now it is owned by a catering company. For some years, Alfons Mucha (a prominent Czech Art Nouveau painter) lived here and created some of his greatest masterpieces. The chateau has a unique spiral well of 163 metres, which makes it the deepest well in Europe.

You can visit Zbiroh Chateau on these routes:

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