Velká Amerika

an extensive limestone mine

Velká Amerika - an extensive limestone mine

Velká Amerika also known as Eastern Mine or Mine East is an extensive limestone mine (one in the complex of mines) with the depth estimated at 80 metres. It is situated near the district town of Beroun approximately 40 kilometres south west of Prague (45-minute drive). Velka Amerika is one of a number of quarries (disused limestone mines) scattered in the area and called Ameriky (Americas).

The bottom of the mine is covered by a lake, 13 metres at its deepest point. The disused mine creates a magnificent canyon, which makes it a popular destination for visitors.
The mine had long been closed and not accessible to visitors. Since 2008, it has however been responding to public demand and interest and there is now a car-park situated at the eastern end of the mine. The visitors can now also use the hiking trail running along the eastern and northern edge of the canyon, continuing further to the Karlstejn Castle.We recommend this scenic stop-over to all lovers of nature, and photography alike, as you can most probably catch some amazing glimpses (especially in autumn).

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