Schönau am Königssee

a picturesque lake town

Schonau am Koningssee is a small town of over 5 thousand inhabitants situated on a plateau 630 metres above the sea level in the south-easternmost part of Germany in the region of Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern), directly at the border with Austria. Together with Berchtesgaden, Schonau is surrounded by the Berchtesgadener Alps.

Its location and the surrounding area make Schonau one of the best locations for lovers of all seasons, i.e. winter (e.g. down-hill or cross-country skiing etc.), and summer (e.g. hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking etc.) alike, and it is a convenient scenic stop-over for nature and sports lovers.nnSchonau lies in the Berchtesgaden National Park, which was founded in 1978. It also has a bobsleigh track. The area is a popular setting for skiing, bobsleighing, sledging, snowboarding, or skeleton championships, and competitions. The 1200 metres deep lake is a heaven for your tours on quiet electric boats, or paddle boats. The lake is also a popular location for painters, and it even has its Malerwinkel (painters´ corner). There is a mountain funicular, too, which takes you up the nearby mountain offering stunning views of the area.nSchonau is an ideal location for all lovers of the nature, mountain sports, and lovely scenery, winter and summer alike.nThere is a number of leisure time facilities (including the open-air bath), and the town offers over 8 thousand guest beds.nLovers of architecture will appreciate visiting St Bartholomew Church (St Bartholoma), the landmark of Schonau, whose foundation stone was laid in 12th century.nYou can also enjoy the area from the ship´s board on a round cruise along the lake (not available in winter season beginning in October).nOf course, you can also visit salt mines in the nearby Salzheilstollen presenting the history of salt mining, as well as the hot-spring baths at Watzmann Therme.

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