Krems an der Donau

historical town with culinary traditions

Krems an der Donau is the fifth biggest city of Lower Austria. It’s located approximately 70 kilometers from Vienna and 60 kilometers from the czech border. It lies on the confluence of Danube and Krems in the so-called Waldviertel.n

You may find the name of this town familiar - and you’re not wrong - Krems is the place where the famous Krems mustard (Kremser senf) comes from. Nowadays it is no longer made here, but still holds the name of the town.nThe first mention of the town is from 995, but it was surely inhabited much earlier. Around the year 1000, buyers settled on the territory of the town and built a castle here for its protection. In the Middle Ages, Krems was a major business center, mainly for salt trading. n

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