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Also known as Taus (in German) or Tusta (in Latin) is a district town of over 11 thousand inhabitants near the western border of the Czech Republic with Germany´s Bavaria (some 14 kilometres from the border) in a region known as Chodsko.

Its historical centre is a popular destination for visitors. The beginnings of Domazlice date back to 10th century, and the town got a royal-town status safeguarding the western border of the Czech kingdom against the attacks of Germanic invaders as well as the crusades. For centuries the town was plagued by wars and battles, but it also marked a great development as a market town. Today, Domazlice is a picturesque stop-over for all lovers of architecture (e.g. burgher houses lining the town square), parts of the original gothic fortification system, the local chateau (Chodsky hrad - today housing the Museum of Chodsko Area), parish church, cloister etc. In August, Domazlice hosts a festival known as Chodske slavnosti, taken on Saint Lawrence day on 12th August. This festival combines various influences, beginning with religious tradition, commemorating the liberation from the Nazi occupation in 1945, and presentation of the local folk art, dance and music.

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