Český Šternberk

a small town with a Gothic castle

Cesky Sternberk is a small town of some 150 inhabitants situated on the river Sazava in Central Bohemia. To the south of the town, you can find a castle of the same name. The town has become a popular residence for lovers of the nature and river sports, combined with the benefits of town living, with new houses scattered along the hill on the right bank of the river. Cesky Sternberk with the romantic river Sazava is an ideal scenic stop-over for all lovers of nature, rafting, canoeing, hiking, cycling, camping, and tramping (combination of hiking and open-air camping).

The local castle was founded in 1241 and is one of the prettiest Gothic locations in the Czech Republic. The castle (as well as the town) got its name from the golden star (called “sternberg”) in the coat of arms of its owners, the Sternbergs (Sternberkove), who still own the castle today. The town offers a number of facilities, activities, and festivals not only for lovers of water sports, but is also a peaceful location for all lovers of nature, including hiking and cycling. On your walks around the area, you can also take an educational trail through the prettiest locations, on which you can visit a modern lookout tower (Rozhledna Spulka), shaped like a spool. Cesky Sternberk is also a heaven for all fishing enthusiasts. Annual Pottery Fair held in July attracts hundreds of lovers of handicrafts and hand-made products.

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