Český Krumlov

Retreat to the Renaissance sanctuary in South Bohemia

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the 16th-century town subtly lurking upon the Vltava river, whose tranquil and silent murmur highlights the sublime impression of the Renaissance environment. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the monumental chateau, stroll down the majestic garden combining elements of English parks and French royal gardens and lose yourself among the gorgeous burghers houses whose uniqueness contributed to the inclusion of the town among the UNESCO sites.

Enjoy a day in medieval paradise.nnIf you are limited to spending only one day in Český Krumlov, you better make sure that you make every second count. Whether you are an active sportsman, a history enthusiast or a hard worker looking for a place to chill for a day, Český Krumlov meets your needs. nnAbove all, Český Krumlov is a one-of-a-kind historical town with unparalleled Renaissance impression that it makes as soon as you set foot in the town’s centre. If you prefer to awe at the beauty of one of the UNESCO sites undisturbed and by yourself, take a stroll through the petite labyrinth of a town that is impossible to get lost in. For those who enjoy company and acquiring knowledge, Český Krumlov offers many guided tours that may introduce you to the town’s history and folklore. nnOnce a gothic fort built to protect the travelling merchants from local highwaymen, the imposing chateau is without a doubt a must-do for any visitor. Choose a tour that interests you most, let the guides usher you into the beautiful interiors and learn about the aristocratic families that built and left this peerless legacy. nnShould you feel overwhelmed by the omnipresent 16th century atmosphere and long for an escape back to reality, there is no better way than to rent a raft with your friends, take it up the river and relax for several hours while the stream carries you through the surrounding nature and lets you perceive the town from an unmatched unique perspective. nnImmensely popular even among the locals, the chateau garden is one of the best places to hang out at. Take your paramour for a romantic walk through the perfectly maintained lower garden imitating the keen precision of the French royal gardens and feel the untamed wildness of the upper garden mimicking the English parks. For singles, the revolving theatre in the upper garden offers you a first-date invitation that is just impossible to say no to. The actors from the South Bohemian theatre use the surrounding environment as the scene for their plays, while the auditorium spins slowly round and round until you yield completely to the cultural experience.

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