a town you must not miss

Brno is the second largest and second most populous city in the Czech Republic situated in the centre of a region of the Czech Republic called Moravia, on the confluence of two rivers - Svitava and Svratka. Its extensive exhibition centre from 1928 is a location of many national and international exhibitions, fairs and festivals.

Brno also has a car racing circuit called the Masaryk Circuit (Masarykuv okruh), which is the scene of a number of car races on national, European, and global level, e.g. Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. Ignis Brunensis is an annual international fireworks display held since 1998 visited by some 200 thousand people. The city is an ideal scenic stop-over for all travellers on their way between Prague (2-hour drive) and Bratislava (1.5 hours away), Vienna (1.5 hours away), or Budapest (3.5 hours away). The city is set in a lovely spot surrounded by several hills covered in forests, and so it provides ideal conditions for lovers of city life, and lovers of the nature alike. Brno is the centre of Moravian culture, including the folk traditions, music and costumes, but has its own version of Czech slang known as Hantec. There are a number of monuments (historically connected with the town´s status of the regional capital), one of which - vila Tugendhat (Tugendhat Villa) was listed by UNESCO among the world heritage sites, becoming one of the best representatives of the Functionalist architecture. You can also visit the Castle and Fortress of Spilberk, the Brno´s underground premises (katakomby) including its charnel-house or the labyrinth, the Old Town Hall, the Jewish Cemetery, and a number of other sights. There are numerous music festivals, as well as museums here, too. The local ZOO is a great attraction for families. The Moravian Gallery offers a number of magnificent paintings, and other pieces of art created by artists like Rubens, Jan Zrzavy, Alfons Mucha, Ales Najbrt etc. A number of night clubs, wine cellars and bars with non-stop opening hours are a great way to spend your night out. We recommend to allow at least 1 day to enjoy the full offer of activities, events, venues, architecture, and culture of Brno.

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