Frequently asked questions

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1. What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your booking you are eligible for a refund of your deposit as follows:

- cancellation more than 7 days before departure: full refund*
- cancellation less than 7 days and more than 24 hours before departure: 50% refund
- cancellation 24 hours to 1 hour before departure: 25% refund
- cancellation less than 1 hour before departure: 10% refund
- no-show: no refund

In case the customer has multiple bookings and makes a no-show for any of their transfers, all the latter bookings will be cancelled.
The customer can request the latter bookings to be reactivated provided that the seats are still available.
Otherwise the customer can request a refund of cost of the latter transfers according to the above stated timeline. The time of no-show will be considered as the time of cancellation.

The same as above applies for changing the date or departure time of shared shuttles less than 7 days before departure. It may be possible to change the date or departure time without losing the deposit in some cases. If you need to make a change, please contact our customer support and they will let you know whether it is possible. Generally, the sooner you make the change the higher the chance is.

*A manipulation fee of 100 CZK is non-refundable in every case.

Old cancellation policy for customers who paid only a deposit instead of full amount
We always require a deposit in advance to confirm your reservation. This deposit is refundable if you cancel at least 7 days before departure. The deposit isn’t refundable for cancellations made later or no-show cases.
A manipulation fee of 100 CZK is non-refundable in every case.

The same as above applies for changing the date or departure time of shared shuttles less than 7 days before departure. It may be possible to change the date or departure time without loosing the deposit in some cases. If you need to make a change, please contact our customer support and they will let you know whether it is possible. Generally, the sooner you make the change the higher the chance is.

Even when canceling (or not showing up for) only one of multiple bookings less than 7 days before the departure, the whole deposit shown on the transfer voucher will be forfeited.

2. Can I have discount? Do you offer infant/student/senior discounts? Can you give me your best price?

CK Shuttle strives to deliver unmatched comfort and safety while keeping our prices at competitive level. From the basic service, by far the most affordable means of transportation on the routes we serve, through the exclusive private car transfers, we always offer you our best prices. Further discounts aren’t possible. That way we can keep and improve high level of our service.

3. Where do you pick me up/drop me off? Can I change the pick-up location?

We’ll always pick you up and drop off at locations or addresses stated in your voucher.

You can change the pick-up/drop-off addresses up to 24 hours before departure (please send us an email and wait for your updated voucher; the change may be subject to additional charges).

If you’re booking the non-door-to-door service, the pick-up/drop-off locations outside Cesky Krumlov are fixed.

4. How do I meet/recognize the vehicle and driver? Can I have license plate number and driver’s mobile?

All our vehicles have clearly visible CK Shuttle logos on their doors. Our drivers are usually dressed in blue CK Shuttle clothes.

If you’re being picked up at your hotel, please wait outside the main entrance or in the lobby, the driver will find you.

If you’re being picked up at a private address, please wait outside so the driver can see you.

If you’re being picked up at one of our standard pick-up locations (bus stations, train stations, airports etc.), please wait at the designated meeting point. You’ll see the car or your driver holding a CK Shuttle sign.

We can’t provide license plate numbers as we don’t know the exact vehicle in advance. We don’t give out our driver’s mobile numbers, however you’ll find our emergency phone number in your voucher.

5. What type of vehicles you use?

We currently exclusively use recent models of 8+1 seat Volkswagen Caravelle and Transporter vans and 4+1 seat Volkswagen Touran compact MPVs. The type of vehicle used for a particular transfer depends on actual number of passengers.

All our vehicles are fully air-conditioned. Our vans are the only on the market with separate air-condition in the passenger compartment. All the vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and are regularly maintained by manufacturer-authorized dealership. Average age of our fleet is less than two years.

6. Can I change my departure time?

If you’re booking a private car, you can change the departure time until 2 days before departure, provided a vehicle is available at requested time.

For shared shuttles, please see the cancellation policy at the top of the page. Please note that shared shuttles usually depart at 4-hour-some intervals and we usually can’t offer departures e.g. one hour earlier/later than you have confirmed.

7. Can I change the reservation after paying the deposit?

Yes. Plans sometimes change and we’ll always do our best to meet your needs. However please understand that our capacity is limited and we can’t guarantee availability outside your confirmed reservation. If you change your plans, please let us know immediately to increase the chance that required transportation will be available.

8. What if my booking details (departure time, number of persons, hotels) change?

Please send us an email immediately and we’ll figure something out.

9. I am carsick, can I choose seats in the front of the vehicle?

Please write your request in the “notes” field when booking your ride and we’ll try to reserve the front seat or seats for you if it’s still available.

10. What if I mess up the vehicle?

60 EUR (1500 CZK) cleaning fee is charged when you make the interior of the vehicle significantly dirty.

11. How much if I pay in EUR or USD?

You can calculate the approximate amount in EUR by dividing the amount in CZK by 24 and the amount in USD by dividing the amount in CZK by 20. Please note that we only accept payments in CZK and EUR. For exchange rates between CZK and other currencies, please search Google.

12. Do I need to contact you before departure to reconfirm my reservation?

No. Once you have your voucher, your booking is confirmed and we won’t change or cancel it under any circumstances. When we confirm your reservation, you don’t have to worry about emailing or calling us again. You don’t even have to bother the receptionist at your hotel with requests to call us. You can just look forward to your comfortable trip with CK Shuttle!

13. Do you change the departure time or cancel my reservation if there aren’t enough passengers?

Never! We keep our word and when you have your voucher, we’ll always pick you up as confirmed. Even if you’re the only passenger.

14. How long does the ride take?

Please see the web page of your respective transfer for detailed travel times. Please note that picking up/dropping off other passengers may add some time, especially if you’re using the door-to-door service.

Approximate times for the most common routes are:

1 hour 45 minutes between Cesky Krumlov and Linz

3 hours between Cesky Krumlov and Prague

3 hours between Cesky Krumlov and Salzburg

3 hours between Cesky Krumlov and Hallstatt

3.5 hours between Cesky Krumlov and Vienna (4.5 hours between Cesky Krumlov and Vienna Airport)

15. Does the price include tip?

The prices don't include tips. They aren't mandatory and the drivers are well paid, however if you’re satisfied, it's nice to tip the driver e.g. 10 % of the total price to express your appreciation of his or her work.

16. When and how should I advise my pick-up/drop-off address?

Generally: as soon as you know, preferably when booking your ride. However it’s safer to book your transportation well in advance and if you’re booking your hotels later, you can just email us their addresses then. You can change the pick-up and drop-off locations until 24 hours before departure.

17. How much luggage can I bring along? Does the price include luggage?

Our vehicles are big enough to accommodate usual luggage for all passengers - in general, one big suitcase and one carry-on per passenger. If you have more luggage or unusual items (wheelchairs, strollers, sports equipment etc.), please tell us in advance so we can figure out how to accommodate it.

We don’t charge anything for luggage, unless it occupies space otherwise reserved for other passengers or their luggage.

18. How long in advance should I book my ride?

First rule of thumb: the sooner the better. Second rule: the bigger your group is, the sooner you should book, especially in the high sesons (April through October, mid-December through mid-January).

If you’re booking a private car, two or three months are good to ensure a vehicle is available at required time. For shared shuttles, we recommend booking six to eight weeks before departure. However you don’t have to worry if you wish to travel tomorrow or in a few days - please contact us and we’ll try to find the best suitable solution.

19. Can I have your phone number so we can discuss my reservation?

No. It seems strange as telephone is the most important business tool in some parts of the world, doesn’t it. But using email and our IT systems as the primary means of communication enables us to efficiently handle large amount of requests and serve all customers in reasonable time, while keeping our prices where you wish them to be.

Don’t worry you couldn’t reach us in case of emergency, though - we still provide our 24/7 emergency number to all customers with confirmed reservations.

20. I’m traveling with children. Is that a problem?

Not at all! While we welcome passengers of any age, please let us know in advance if you’re traveling with children under 12 years. Safety car seats are mandatory for them in all countries where we provide our service.

21. I don’t see my destination in your list .Can I still book a shuttle?

Please contact us using the contact form at our website. We are usually able to provide private or shared service between any destinations within reasonable distance from our base in Cesky Krumlov.

22. Is there a toilet in the vehicle or does the driver stop somewhere during the trip?

The vehicles are too small to include a toilet. If you need a break, please tell your driver to stop at a petrol station - they’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

If you by any chance feel sick onboard, please tell your driver to stop immediately - better sooner than later.

23. Can we stop at some interesting places for sightseeing or to take some pictures?

Scenic and sightseeing routes and stopovers are available for private car transfers (additional charges may apply). The drivers will also gladly stop upon your request anywhere you point at, provided there is enough time. Its better in general to plan your sightseeing route in advance so we can reserve the vehicle for you for appropriate amount of time. Our staff will gladly help you with planning the trip!

Please understand that shared shuttles can’t stop anywhere (except for quick toilet breaks) as their purpose is getting all the passengers onboard to their destinations as quickly and comfortably as possible.

24. What if I forget something in my hotel or in the vehicle?

Well, in the excitement from travelling, we all sometimes leave our stuff behind. As our schedules are often very tight and passengers eager to get to their destination as quickly as possible, the vehicles usually can’t turn around to pick up forgotten luggage. If it happens, please email us as soon as possible so we can try to deliver your possessions with the next shuttle.

But please remember - it’s always better to double-check when departing and when leaving the vehicle.

25. What if my flight or train is delayed and I miss the shuttle?

If you’re being picked up at an airport or train station, please always let us know the number of your flight or train so the driver can check the arrivals board for delays. Please also email and call us immediately after you learn about the delay. We’ll then try to book you on the next shuttle or arrange a private car transfer at earliest possible time.

26. Does the driver speak English or other language?

While they aren’t professional guides or narrators, all our drivers speak English as required for their profession. They sometimes speak other languages as well, but they aren’t asked or tested for it and therefore we unfortunately can’t provide e.g. Spanish, French or Russian speaking driver on customer’s request.

27. Can I get a non-smoking vehicle?

Safety, health and best comfort of our customers are our priorities. All our vehicles are strictly non-smoking, as local law requires and as our company deliberately promotes.

28. Do I have to print the voucher?

No. The transfer voucher is just for your information, the driver knows all the details contained in your voucher. However it’s good to have the voucher ready on paper or in your smartphone so that you can always check the details of your pick-up.

29. What happens with my luggage if I have a sightseeing stop in Cesky Krumlov or if I change shuttles there?

We’ll store your luggage safely in our premises and transfer it to your connecting shuttle. This service is free.

30. Why the other group in our vehicle paid a different amount for the same trip?

Apart from the facts that we offer different types of service and that each group may pay a different deposit amount, we use a dynamic pricing policy based on several independent measures, like the date of booking and number of available seats, which may result in customers paying different amounts for the same route. Similar dynamic pricing policies are used for example by airlines or even hotels.

The most significant difference in price may occur, when the regular connection is already full and we schedule a new shared trip for a price that merely covers the cost of the trip (logically higher than the regular price). Thanks to that the passengers are able to get to their desired destination without having to hire a more expensive private car. In exchange for that they have to accept that other customers that may join the trip would pay a significantly lower price, as we would of course try to attract other passengers to make at least some profit. The easiest way to avoid this situation is to book your trip enough in advance.

31. Why cannot I be picked up or dropped off directly at my hotel in Cesky Krumlov?

We regret to inform you that the Cesky Krumlov town hall decided that all traffic (except for local taxis) including the vehicles of long-distance transportation companies will not be allowed in the inner part of the historical center of the town between 10:30 am and 15:00 pm effective from October 2018.

Please see the map of the inaccessible part of the town as well as the alternative meeting points for customers departing from (and drop-off points for customers arriving to) Cesky Krumlov below.

The pick-up point in front of the Town Theatre
address: Rooseveltova 25, 381 01 Český Krumlov (crossing of streets Horní, Rooseveltova and Kaplická)
GPS: 48.8104 N, 14.31895 E
Google Maps, Google StreetView
The pick-up point is in front of the Municipal Theater (Mestske Divadlo) building in the vicinity of Pension Na Kovárně and Hotel Garni Myší Díra.

The pick-up point at the parking place next to Hotel Gold
address: Linecká 55, 381 01 Český Krumlov
GPS: 48.8088 N, 14.316698 E
Google Maps, Google StreetView
The pick-up point is at the parking place next to Hotel Gold.

The pick-up point at the P2 Parking (Pivovarska)
address: Parking lot below Pivovarska street, 381 01 Český Krumlov
GPS: 48.8139572 N, 14.3185 E
Google Maps, Google StreetView
The pick-up point at the P2 Parking called "Parking P2 Pod poštou" or "Parking P2 Pivovarská".

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This is a contact form. If you wish to book a ride, please use the booking form instead, so that we know the necessary information like the date of departure and number of persons.

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This is a contact form. If you wish to book a ride, please use the booking form instead, so that we know the necessary information like the date of departure and number of persons.

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